• Bryan Crosson

The Power of Solitude

Excited to announce that I will be opening the Power of Solitude conference next week!

The Power of Solitude is a conference organized by Sharlene Anders, a creativity coach based out of Germany. Sharlene reached out to me, asking me to speak about how we can harness loneliness and solitude to improve our lives.

While I didn't write The Lonesome Thread as a toolkit to deal with loneliness, per say, I thought it was a wonderful idea to relate some of my research and learnings for this conference in the hopes that it will ignite a creative fire for anyone who might feel alone in their feelings of isolation over the past year.

Sharlene and I had a wonderful conversation about The Lonesome Thread and many of the tools and lessons contained inside. Thirteen other speakers from all around the world and all walks of life are also participating in the conference, which will run June 7th to June 13th. There is a ton of value here and best of all it is FREE.

As an added bonus for participants, I have created an exclusive page on my site for Power of Solitude attendees, containing a free sample of The Lonesome Thread, along with a bonus gallery containing photographs taken by me that served as source material and inspiration for the book.

Register for The Power of Solitude here today!

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